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7 series E65 2007
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Hi all just a bit of info to give and hopefully get some info back too..

recently I got a orange warning dash light for STEERING in the right clock and in centre warning got a RED picture of car at an angle
And IDrive said leaking fluid.

so I checked the steering fluid and was empty, so I went to BMW for correct oil and filled it back up only for It to last about 7 x miles and empty again. thought very strange so put a bit more oil in to get me to a relatives.
when there I checked all around the steering and found no leaks. so I got transported home. when I got car on a ramp a PIPE at drivers rear wheel was split and leaking. looks like part of the suspension. All struts are coiled so not too sure what this pipe does
can anybody tell me how it works etc.

thanks in advance

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