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A week ago my idrive display stopped, the radio doesn't work and the old business SATNAV DVD won't eject. Using my foxwell NT520 diagnostics tool for the CID (central display) it gave code A46D declaring it as 'malfunction due to peripheral' or 'malfunction of CID by reset of MOST ring'.

Using the foxwell on the CID module and getting live data, voltages and light levels are good, LVDS is OK but 'monitor status to bus = switched off'. Presumably it should state switched on but is dependant on the M-ASK getting what it needs from the MOST bus???

The foxwell live data and tests indicate the M-ASK is working ok (my DIS laptop has a flat battery so can't do any more detailed tests!).

I've done some googling as it's often the case that the M-ASK unit has failed (this then doesn't initialise the idrive CID). However,after checking glovebox fuse 34 was ok, I took the M-ASK out (the car is Jan 2007 build so has the M-ASK 2) and can hear the drive spinning up and trying to read the installed DVD.

When I take the MOST fibre connectors out of the M-ASK, I can see the M-ASK is generating light, but there is no light coming from the disconnected cable - which indicates the ring is broken. My question is - in a basic E61 (just business satnav and no fancy hifi options) - what module sends light to the M-ASK and what module is next to receive light from it (I don't have a CD changer). Googling implies the TCU is in the loop somewhere - after a lot of googling I've found a thread/diagram showing where that is in an E61 (middle back of the floorspace).

At some point in my testing i saw live data that implies there are only 2 MOST users - is that expected (and how would it get that info if the ring is broken)?

I have ordered the MOST loopback plugs from Amazon that should arrive today to help with faultfinding.

Last question - what do you use the MOST Diagnostic port for ((or rather how do you use it ) that is situated in the glove box ( I finally found a youtube video showing where it is, but not what to do with it). Is it just a case of checking its correctly looped and has light?

My dash is in bits at the moment but I don't need the car until Monday so have time to hopefully solve this.


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