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Hi everyone my name is lee ��
Sorry if I’m in the wrong place or doing this wrong in anyway, this is my first post on any site anywhere! Not really sure what I’m doing but I will give it a bash.
I’ve recently upgraded to a e90 325i with idrive, it’s a very nice car indeed I love it.
When I bought the car I bought it for the engine it was advertised as clutch gone but engine runs sweet 100k on clock,
As I was towing it away I heard a clunk clunk noise on rotation so stopped had a look under the car and there it was, the rear passenger side half shaft was disconnected from the box all bolts still present so I bolted it back up and drove it home result!! However it hand the trifecta of lights the seatbelt light and the airbag light on�� so i first bought new rear abs sensors Delphi brand and no change
I then replaced the passenger side half shaft as the old owner had told me he had the reluctor ring done on that side by a friend, whoops he should have bolted that back up properly or even put the correct half shaft on as the one fitted was wrong it was a lot thinner than the new one I have installed.
So the car is giving me a lot of codes and I have no speedo the fuel gauge sways as I accelerate and brake or as I turn left and right and no mpg needle movement
The two codes I think are causing this are the 5dc3 and 5db3 all to do with speed signals any help with this would be greatly appreciated
Here is my list

E90 faults
Fault Code: 002DED
Fault Explanation: Power management, closed-circuit protection

Fault Code: 005DC3
Fault Explanation: :Rear wheel speed sensor Right Start detection (comparison) / Yaw-rate sensor: Internal error PSIP2SensNotAvailable (DRS-type MM3.x) / Yaw-rate sensor: Internal error. PSIP2SensNotAvailable. (DRS-type MM3.x) / Speed sensor, rear right detecting starting v comparison / Speed sensor, rear right detecting starting v comparison. / Incorrect wheel speed sensor, rear right / Yaw- rate sensor: Internal error. . PSIP2SensNotAvailable (DRS-type MM3.x --- (DSC: DSC sensor internal)
Fault Code: 005DB3
Fault Explanation: :Speed sensor, rear left detecting starting v comparison / Lateral acceleration sensor calibration error missing / Wheel speed sensor rear left start up detection (comparison) / Inlet valve (EV) Back Right: Error cyclic relay valve and test --- (DSC: control valve actuation device) / Inlet valve (EV) Back Right: Error cyclic valve and relay test. / Speed sensor, rear left detecting starting v comparison. / Inlet valve (EV) Back Right - Error cyclic valve and relay test.

Fault Code: 0093FB
Fault Explanation: :SBR function - missing speed signal / SBR - Function - speed signal is missing / Speed - missing speed signal / n.i.O. capacity of the energy reserve

Fault Code: 00A554
Fault Explanation: :ALIVE error Phone / live phone

Central info display / Zentrales Display
Fault Code: 00A468
Fault Explanation: :Energy-saving mode active / Cable break
externally / Errors in the video signal / no LVDS signal Fault Code: 00A46D
Fault Explanation: :Malfunction CID by resetting the Head Unit / Head-Unit Reset (no defect) / Hardware Error: vehicle electrical system voltage measurement path is broken

Fault Code: 00A0B5
Fault Explanation: :Signal detection speed error / DFAHL cable break A0B5

Fault Code: 009E3B
Fault Explanation: :Fault location: converter supply

Fault Code: 00A375
Fault Explanation: :TCU: Communication disturbed with the airbag control unit - signal faulty (Error IBUS CONNECTION FAIL) / Error communicating with airbag SG disturbed / communication with air bag equipment not correct (Error IBUS CONNECTION FAIL). / Communication with airbag SG disturbed (Error IBUS CONNECTION FAIL)

Fault Code: 00A731
Fault Explanation: :BI-stable relay / Bistable relay 2

Fault Code: 00D030
Fault Explanation: :Embassy (Status steering Front actuator ID = 13D) of ASA ICM CAN / Embassy status Combination, ID 1B4h

Fault Code: 00A6F3
Fault Explanation: :Coding data CRC error

I am thinking of changing the yaw rate sensor under the seat any input welcome
Many thanks lee
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