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Hopefully someone here can help me!

I have a 2005 1 series and am currently having problems with the climate control temperature. It has been in to be repaired a few times but no-one seems to be able to sort it.

At first it was just blowing cold air - no matter what temperature the control was set too. I took it back to the garage that I bought it from (I've only owned it a couple of months) and the inital diagnosis was that it needed a new thermostat. This was replaced (twice) and made no difference. I took it to BMW for a diagnostic and they confirmed that they believed it was an air block in the heater matrix.

I took it back to the garage and they had an auto electrician look at it. He examined the heater matrix and checked for an air block and has stated thats is not the issue. He has diagnosed a water pump issue and the garage have replaced the water pump in the car. Initially this made no difference so They have also checked the radiator in case that is the issue but assured me that its not. They then flushed the system and re-installed the water pump and I now have some hot air.

The issue now is that the temperature of the air is still not particularily hot (maybe 20 when set at 28 degrees and unusally the air coming out of the passanger side is significantly cooler than the drivers side which I thought was odd). It blows quite hot for about 30 seconds and then goes to luke warm air temperature. Oddly if I turn the system off completely and turn it back on it again blows hot air for 30 seconds before going lukewarm.

Has anyone come across anything like this before? The garages really don't seem to have any idea what the problem is. I'm just a little worried that the issue is something in the car rather than the climate control system.

I would be really grateful if anyone has any idea's.

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