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Hello all,

This is my first post here, iv read the rules and hope i comply with them in my thread.

I was wondering if you can please offer some advice.

I have a 5 series 535d SE 54 plate (2005) and have a Sat-Nav Pro. I do not have a TV tuner and am unsure if one was ever fitted. I found a product which i believe may work in my car but i wanted some expert advice please.

With this device i was thinking of getting the TV Tuner they have and the DVD player they also sell.

I do not have an AUX port but can have one fitted, would it matter if i already have a IPOD interface fitted in replacement of my CD changer? can i still have an AUX fitted as well?

from speaking (on the phone) to the company that sell this product, they say it is compatible but say i need to have an AUX port for audio, i recently had the IPOD/IPHONE interface fitted and wondered if i could also have the AUX alongside?

if anyone can offer some advice on if this product will fit in my car and if i can have an AUX id much appreciate it, i am really not good with these things so probably would end up buying the wrong things :eek


1 - 2 of 2 Posts