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Hey all, sorry it is a bit long winded (and late!) report but I never ever had a car remapped before and had no clue what to expect so.... just a wee bit of info on how my day went at MotechMike's place.

For those of you who don't know, I travelled approx 375 miles from Scotland down to Northamptonshire, stayed in a hotel, and met up with Mike the next morning.

A gentle start
I met MotechMike about 10am in the morning. Nice friendly bloke, and handled me gently. He answered all my questions and explained things very well. Explained what he was doing when he was doing it. Told me what this little box does, what his laptop was doing and so on. Very informative and made you feel that you (mostly) understood what he was on about.

Whilst we waited for the remap file to be done (offsite on this occasion) he took me in for a cup of tea, we chatted about cars etc BMWs and others - very knowledgable he is too! After about 30 mins of agonising wait we were finally ready to test drive with Mike as a passenger. Now on to the good bit.

First test drive
Well I wasn't keen on going fast within an industrial estate riddled with speed bumps. Mike says there is a straight, clean stretch after this corner. Low and behold a big truck came out in front of us and I was stuck until I could reach an exit to a major A road.

I could feel something was different with the car but Mike mentioned thi is not an "in your face" remap. I exited a roundabout with a long steep hill to join the A road dual carriageway. I floored it. It felt super strong and smooth and I got a grin on my face. I was warned though, that the gearbox ECU has to have a little time to catch up with the remapped ECU.

Traffic was mild but soon caught an ST 220 doing a bit of speed and chased him, felt good and strong jockying for position but we decided to let him go. So I doubled back and headed back to base. Felt it ridiculously good on the low down revs exiting a roundabout, much better than before, and reached stupid speeds very, very quickly. But traffic was light and sometimes it felt like we were racing against fresh air. Jumped into Tesco cash machine on the way back and something happened.

Got back to the industrial estate, found that stretch of road Mike was on about and stopped dead. Made sure nothing was about... all clear.... and floored it from a standing start. Oh my sweet *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* lord!!! My car had never behaved like that before. I was grinning from ear to ear. The difference was unreal. No wheel spin, all in control, no traction light flashing (might be my newish Good year F1 eagles) and it was more violent (but not too bad) than ever before.

Ooh it felt good.... Excellent results on the low down revs I must say :D

Long drive home
I think from the above you can summise that I found it difficult to gauge "real" power but I was happy and there was a big difference low down. Racing against fresh air springs to mind..... Anyway soon hit motorway traffic and all I had to was press the pedal a bit, not floor it, and I shot away from people leaving them standing still! Soon I was grinning from ear to ear again.

It was unreal. I could be easily cruising away and just squirt that little bit more and whoosh it moved! Saw people ahead trying to outrun me (I get that a lot actually). Pah (!) to that I say, no chance. Simply gave it a squirt and from 80 you fly off to dangerous (if caught) numbers before you know it. I was loving it, didn't have to floor it to get a really strong burst.

That's when I noticed the difference, measuring my performance against other traffic if you like. Felt good and strong all the way through and even up at the 70-80 cruising you could burst into fast accelaration and cars were disappearing in your rear view mirror.

It's hard to explain how good a little pedal movement can "slingshot" you to where you want to go. Very satisfying feeling.

The morning after
Something was different with the car when I turned the key over and started her up the next day, she immediately felt tighter (!) and sounded throatier (I mentioned the exhaust note on first test to Mike). I wasn't sure if it was a placebo affect or not. To be honest, couldn't care less as long as I am happy with the results.

I was just toodling along, minding my own business in my own streets and couldn't resist. You feel yourself wanting to just use the remap on a clear open dual carriageway for example. It is just sublime now I know it is there.

One thing I did feel much more of though, is safer. Not just because the remap makes the car fast but because I move quicker without needing to kick down a gear. It's something that is hard to put into words, the feeling safe thing, but driving the car more and more I am just loving it.


These are the only down sides I can think of:
#1 Your fuel is drunk like nothing else because of your constant enjoyment.
#2 Your mpg goes out the window for a while and will settle down eventually (depending how you drive of course).
#3 possible increased tyre wear

All of the above though are influenced by your driving of course...

I don't care about the fuel for now. I have never enjoyed my car so much and never pushed my car like I do now (when it is safe of course!). I will settle it down when I want to. That's beauty of the remap it is not "in your face" it is not switched on until you want it on, useful for when carting the family to Tesco for example.

In my personal opinion I found Mike to be a top bloke and would gladly travel to see him for another remap (when I get my M5, lol). My car is defo different, stronger, faster and safer. I'm learning the art of throttle control much more than ever before. Never need to floor it unless I want to show off / burn rubber.

I would like to thank Mike for being extremely professional, friendly and informative. I wouldn't hesitate for one moment to recommend MotechMike for a remap.

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked the story cause I love my remap! Red :D
PS I will report back on fuel economy when I stop booting it lol.

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so red - come on tell me - what consumption are you getting from the 530d, now you have lived with the remap a while ?

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Sounds tempting Mike - think i will come see you in a few months time after having the swirl flaps & run flats removed.
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