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Hi all Basically a week ago radio has started to cut out for 10 seconds or so and jumping to cd and viceversa
Reading up appears to point to the mulf in the nearside of the boot Ive attached couple of photos for ref
Can I bypass this by unplugging it top and bottom allowing the cd player at least to operate ( if loose the multi player thats ok & radio )
heard of the mast bypass but not sure if will need one or not or how to fit
Other mulfs have seen online have fan at the front - not mine
Appears to be the Viseton model made in Spain with part code 84.21 6-946393-01 (July 2004 )
One white plug at the top and bigger black one at the bottom
The idrive is slow/non responsive sometimes as well if this is an indicator.
Just looking quick advice on this one as have a road trip planned in couple of days:jaw-dropping
Thanks for any advice on this one

November 2004 530D with AC Schnitzer kit , swirl flaps deleted ,black on black ,not mapped or messed with.
First 5 series
Previously had 2 x 320 E36, 1x 318ci E36, 1x 320c E46
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