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Hello everyone,

Last night I went to get into my car and I unlocked the door using my fob button, the door opened fine. After starting the car, I got out (since I live in Canada and was letting it warm up) and I tried to shut the door but it would just bounce back at me instead of actually closing. I kept trying to close it and it would not close, so I tried pulling it shut from the inside and it still did nothing. Eventually after pulling it decently hard, it clicked into place, but was not actually shut, however at this point I could not open the door from both the inside and outside. The door itself will maybe move ever so slightly, to the point where the interior lights come on, but it will not actually open and feels locked into place. Unless you really give it a good push from the outside with your shoulder, it stays in that slightly opened state, as the lights stay on. The most noticeable thing now is that the door handle on the outside has like no resistance. It goes back down if I let go but there is no tension, as if pulling it does nothing. Since it doesnt completely shut (again, I got it completely shut with a really good push but whenever I retry I have to go through it all again but never get the door open), the fob wont lock/unlock the car with the buttons and turning the key in the lock only worked when I put pressure on the door.
I looked at these threads online on here and e46 fanatics but I'm not sure if they are the same problem since it sounds like their doors don't budge at all.

Door Handle Fix - Outside no open only - E46Fanatics

Now I also found this, and I was wondering if anyone on here has had this problem/tried this fix and maybe if they can confirm that this is what happened. I wanted to ask you all because it's winter here and ideally I'd like not to be trying tons of fixes in the snow and cold :)

Thank you all for the help!
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