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So I'm going to change my shocks and struts and also all 4 springs on my 325ci with sport suspension. I've decided to use Koni FSD shocks and struts and was wondering if I should use Eibach Prokit springs or just use stock sport springs knowing that I want my Konis to last for as long as possible.

So the question would be: If I use Konis + Eibach Prokit springs, my Konis will fail sooner compared to Konis + stock sport springs or it wouldn't make any big difference knowing that Konis should be fine with Eibach Prokit springs?

Also, handling wise, Koni + Eibach Prokit versus Koni + stock sport springs, I think with Eibach Prokit, the handling should be better compared to stock springs since the car would be a little lower to the ground. But with stock springs, I think the car would feel softer on rough roads. Am I right?
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