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hi i was wondering if anyone could shed any light on this for me

my 325 sport has the yellow hand brake light and traction with abs on

at first i was told it was the clocks as the rev and temp gauge were bouncing around the place changed and programed in a new set no difference so i then changed the rear abs sensor and this made the lights go out until i hit 30 mph

then back on until i re started

all the whils the gearbox light is on and it seem to be in one gear all the time have pluged it in

i get no comms with auto box unit
no id
can bus shut down
in the instument cluster

aborted egs control of auto box
no coms with instrument module
in athe abs and dsc section

can abs dsc signal
can timeout dme dde not present
atf temp
inthe gearbox section

cam sensor in the engin section

have had steering wheel sensor and wheel speed sensors show up too

i know this is a little vague
but im really in the dark on this now
just looking for a pointer in the right direction

thanks lawrenze

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You have all the pointers you need! Start looking into your faults :) First thing to do is clear the faults and then drive around for a bit and see which ones show up again, that way your getting current values.

Theres so many potential problems there (and expensive) that its probably best to work on one at a time so you can keep an eye on the cost.

No comms messages can be as simple as something has come unplugged/blown a fuse but at the same time can mean a module has died. If it was me id check the fusebox first for blown fuses, then start on one problem at a time. In my opinion sort the auto box first, your car will still drive without ABS.

No doubt an Auto guru will see this and offer advice soon ;)
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