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I had my car remapped on friday and just wanted to provide some feed back for any other people on the forum who are thinking of having their cars remapped.

A big thank you to Mike he was very friendly, honest and informative in explaining and answering any questions I had with the remapping of my car.

I went for the x map which mainly focuses on performance, I reset the on board computer on the way I averaged 52.5 mpg (Motorway and A roads) I was hopping for around the same mpg as I went for the x map. After resetting the computer again for the drive back and even with me trying out my cars new potential I still manage to improve on that figure and averaged 56.1 mpg.

I am very pleased with the results the car now is much more responsive on the way back on the motorway 6th gear around 40-45mph will pick up with no need to change down, previously in lower revs it would hesitate slightly. Overall the car drives a lot smoother and pulls a lot harder when you accelerate.

Any one thinking of having this done I would definitely recommend that they do, Mike's so confident in his product that you can test drive your car and if you are not happy will put your car back to how it was.

Thanks again.:thumbsup
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