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Hey, hoping somebody out there may have some advice for me on this issue..

About a week ago, I was driving into work and was REALLY low on petrol, I mean I was running on fumes! After filling up I restarted the engine (there was a slight shudder) and 2 lights appeared on the dash. They were the Engine Warning light, and EML. The car was on reduced power, so I limped to work at 25mph.

About an hour later, I restarted the car and the EML light went out. Great! The engine light was still on, but it now drove as normal. Since then, the engine light also went out (Great I thought!) however... They are back!! (the EML light comes and goes)

I purchased an OBD2 scanner, plugged it in and got the following codes:

U1050 : SCP (J1850) Invalid or Missing Data for Brakes
U1060 : SCP (J1850) Invalid or Missing Data for Primary Id

Now these aren't the most descriptive of codes! I have booked the car in and informed the mechanic about the codes, but I think he is as baffled by them as I am.

Has anyone out there in bimmerland had these codes before? Or have an idea on what they could be? Do you think it is something to do with me running real low on petrol? Hmmmmm... :confused

Any help would be appreciated!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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