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I'm new here and hoping somebody can help me

I have a BMW E46 318d from 2004 with 112000km

At the moment there is a lack of power..... and this between 1500&2200 rpm.

I already changed recently:
-Oil 0w30 from castrol
-All filters
-Pressure sensor at the back of the intake
-Relay for glow plug
-All glowplugs
-Cleaned the EGR
-Cleaned intake
-Also checked the arm that activates the vanes of the turbo and these are ok (free movement). By the way this turbo has a electrical controlled actuator (older models have a vacuum controlled actuator)

Got the codes read out at a local (non BMW) dealer and only code that I have is 4530

It is mentioning: boost pressure interuption, air too low???

Hope someone can help me

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