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Hello guys, I have been having a bit of a nightmare with my car lately, I had to be recovered twice and car is with the garage still.

I have a "crank but no start" issue, which was fixed (car worked fine for a day) and then happened again.

Car was working fine and then one morning it would not start (but cranking strongly). Took it to a BMW specialist and had the following replaced: fuel pump (Piesburg), crankshaft sensor (BMW), fuel pump relay (BMW), fuel filter (Mahle). At the same time I asked them to replace the CVV and all breather hoses. Took the car back and all seemed to be working fine. After a few hours, the car would not start - again just like before it cranks strongly but does not start.

I checked the shrader valve on the fuel rail and there is no fuel - just air. I can hear the pump priming when I turn the ignition on and I also checked the volume in the left and right tank lobe - there is fuel in both and I added another 10 litres of petrol just in case. It seems like for some reason the fuel is not reaching the fuel rail and I have run out of ideas. I got the code "2B5D CDKBM - Ref. marking generator, Crankshaft tooth error or gap loss" (photo below) from INPA, which I then cleared in hope that it may start - but it didn't.


I had the car recovered at the garage and they are not sure what the problem is either. Is it possible that any of the newly replaced items is faulty? Or could it be the camshaft sensors or something more stupid like a non-sealing fuel cap? There were no error codes registered after I deleted the last one, even though I did try to start it many times afterwards.

Sorry for the long post, I hope someone may be able to shed some light in this!

Many thanks,
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