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My car recently went in to a limp mode (my thread)

I found Alfarama details off this forum, so i sent them an email (it was evening). after a short while I received a call from them and asked me couple of questions etc. etc. and to cut it short, they gave me a price for diagnostic, and booked me in for the same day. I went there, and they checked the code while I waited and told me 1 cylinder is misfiring so it can be coil or plug..

I got the car back in the evening, same day.

I would recommend anyone who is around the area, or far, to try them. you wont be disappointed. Great service, great cusomter service, and they even offer you drop off if you want!

I got the car back the same day, and it costed me less than 150. They changed the coil and tested further.. The car was washed and ready to go when i went there!

Thanks to Peter!
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