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Hello guys,

My name is Sergei and i live in Holland. I recently bought a e46 316ti compact.

After a few weeks i noticed the following syptoms:
- Car idled rough, like it's got a big aggressive cam. Nice and steady at 700ish rpm, but rumbling.
- Hot starting is horrible, there is some serious long cranking needed. At first it looks like it'll start up right away but it needs like 5-10 sec cranking to start up.
- Fuel consumption seemed bad also. While driving very easy and lot's of highway cruising, the best mileage i got was 10 km/l (23.5mpg). While 12km/l (28mpg) should very easily be achievable.

So i bought a OBD2 cable and installed INPA to check it out, this is my first OBD2 car so my diagnostic skills need some work ;) (wrenched on loads of e30's, OBD1 honda's, etc.). At first i got the codes underneath + a few misfires in cil. 1 and 2 (274E CDKMD and 2745 CDKMD03). I replaced the spark plugs and switched the coils around (swapped #1 with #4 and #2 with #3) so that if the coils are the problem the code would appear on cil.3 and 4 next. The misfire codes stayed away thusfar but the following codes keep coming back. From what i searched the cause of these codes can vary alot, so i would love your opinion on the combination of symptoms and codes.

These are the readouts:

27C3 CDKTOENS - Signal oil level sensor (TOENS)
2731 CDKENWS - Camshaft control inlet - VANOS
27BB CDKANWS - Camshaft control outlet-VANOS
271E CDKHSH - Oxygen sensor heater after cat
2781 CDKPH Camshaft sensor inlet
271C CDKLSH - Oxygen sensor after cat

I'll attach readouts from INPA.

I hope somebody recognizes this from own experience or can point me in the right direction.


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