Here's the link to the AutoTrader advert so you can see more info and pictures.

As the above states... Make no mistake, if it weren't for ULEZ I wouldn't be parting with my beloved 3 litre, manual E46. The power, the feel, the handling. A real drivers car and that's why I bought it. It's a diesel, yes but that's why bought it. And if you were so inclined, it's the perfect platform for tuning into a beast. If you're here though, I suspect you already know all of this and won't bother reading anything other than the next paragraph.

As of 2022 it's passed its MOT with NO ADVISORIES. Plus NEW REAR TYRES, NEW CLUTCH & FLYWHEEL, NEW ENGINE MOUNTS etc. Thousands spent. 101,128 miles on the clock and just freshly serviced as well. This is fast turning into a collectors car as well, so get in whilst you can and grab a bargain. Bought from Daniel James in 2018 and if you know him you know he knows his BM's.If you're unfamiliar with E46 BM's. This is everything you would need in a cruiser and so much more. Munch up miles then turn the TC off and have a real blast on the b roads. Don't get me wrong, I've taken care of it.

I absolutely adore this car and taking it out again to get these pictures taken I got sucked back into the haze of wanting to keep it. It's the immediacy of everything and the feedback that modern cars just don't have. The feel of the steering is like nothing else outside real performance M3s, AMG's etc. Coupled to the above, I've added Apple Car Play, and a Thule roof rack.

For the collector, I've got the original head unit in the loft. And the rack comes off. You can absolutely get 40mpg + out of it on longer runs. I've even had 50 on a run to Cornwall. Bear in mind though, this is NOT a little run about, make no mistake. Do not buy this car if you only intend to do 2 miles a day in it. It needs its legs stretching.Aside from age related marks, scuffs, wear and tear etc, it's in extremely good condition and would certainly benefit from a window tint that my wife was so vehemently against and a remap. BUT ALSO TAKE CARE OF IT. It's such a good car.Two keys and the security key. Full Service History and I've even got the 2004 Sat Nav DVD you don't need that. Sad to see it go. Black, 3 owners.