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hey everyone

off to a painful start on owning a car - having just bought a little 316ti compact sport last week.

got it back from seller 90 miles away no problems on saturday, only to find a slight oil dripping leak overnight. used it for short drives for a few days - all fine bar the dripping oil (10 drops a night or so) then got it in the garage - 'Cam Cover Gasket' at £120 inc labour, which i was fine to swallow

first drive after that having had it running at very low revs and for an hour or so white smoke started chucking it out when hit the dual carriageway and water coming out the tailpipe. temp.

first thought it head gasket? :

- guage looks like it's working as was on pretty cold for twenty mins or so when running it around the trading estate then sitting bang in middle thereafter.
- looked when checking outside the garage like there might have been some dark stuff in the bottom of the coolant - hard to see for me as i'm a total novice but someone who knows more thought could be oil
- the smoke is white and fairly thick - chucks out when revving
- dripping a lot of water-like fluid out of the tailpipe when on - too much to be condensation in the exhaust we reckon
- got told by a mechanic mate to test the heating on full blast and feel for cold patches in the blow - nothing (but hot as f**k for sure)
- didn't feel anything different about the drive, just could barely see behind me for all the smoke!

I'm gonna get it looked over tomorrow, but given the above does anyone have any thoughts on the chances of other stuff being shot from this are?

if it's the head gasket and 500-600+ to fix i'd take the hit if i was confident it'd sort it, but if it's doing the above is it likely to have other problems now off the back of it - and would you save it or sell up and cut losses?

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