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hi all been out and bought myself a new stereo for my car today i bought the kenwood dnx8220bt sat nav double din.

i then looked around for a fitting kit as i understand from looking around that i now have to cut the air box behind the original sat nav screen in my car

ive looked around this site and seen a few peoples installs but no one is showing stage by stage starting from cutting the air box has anyone got any instructions or diameters etc

ive seen the kits i need on the net for around 100 delivered but donr know if im getting the right kit as one site shows i get the u shaped tray and another site showed i get a backing tray thay goes into where you cut the airbox etc im just wondering if this is really needed.

to me it looks like so long as i fabricate the plastic i cut out and repair the air box i shouldnt need the backing tray just the tray that screws in to hold the stereo up this bolts to where the bezel finally fits.

any info on the above would be great mine is a right hand drive bmw m3 convertible smg 2003 e46

thanks all if anyone does know a link to a proper fitting diagram rather than what it looks like after its fitted as i keep looking at these and there not helpfull enough
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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