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I have a couple of shocks that need replacing on my 2003 E46 330i M sport touring.. so i figure its time to upgrade while i'm at it.

I want to drop the height but don't want to lose what i feel is a great set up with the standard M sport suspension pack but i do want to improve the look with a drop, but i also do daily drive this car 80 miles.

So i'm thinking i have 2 options;

1, lowering springs (such as eibach pro or sport) and shocks to with them (but i'm concerned about quality if i go for cheaper ones and if i go for dear ones then might as well go option 2, is what i'm thinking)

2, decent coil over set up (cost not that different to decent shocks and springs)

Any input or recommendations would be much appreciated.

I also have a few more mods up my sleeve but one thing at a time and this is top of the list...loving my E46 so this should be fun!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts