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Hi, everyone I have a BMW 325 Automatic E46 and it has a rear vibration issue. When i drive at any speed, it will randomly make a vibration noise that can only be described as a subwoofer going off for like 2 secs. It will also randomly shake violently for around 2 seconds, cant really tell if its shaking left or right or back and forth. I have spent lots trying to find the cause but am stumped and am really rather gutted as i only just bought this car and used most of my savings to do so.

I have changed all tyres to brand new
Changed front control arms
checked springs
checked bushes rear (not thoroughly)
balanced and aligned wheels

And cant find the problem. Really gutted as so pleased to finally have the car but cant really drive it as its shaking so baldy albeit for 2 secs but its really very disturbing.

Any help please let me know, Only thing i can think of is that brake calipers or brake discs may be causing it as brake discs are not OEM ones they were put on the car before I bought it and are brand new but seem to be rather small given the engine size.
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