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This is a tail of woe!
2003 N42 engine m sport coupe with 65k on the clock. aquire in the last 6 months and is a wonderful car to drive when working but has turned into a disater! here are the list of issues and attempted cures.

1. abs light on dash initially intermittant now constant (checked all electrical connections and sensors)
2. total engine failure with no oil pressure timing chain tensioner failed chain came off ( ended up as oil pump failure, nut on sprocket connection came off. cure new oil pump, total cost £1700.00!)
3. now cutting out whislt driving, all the dash warning lights come on, engine dies. after 20 mins engine will rerstart but does not drive well. at next start works fine but then will cut out again with all the lights comming on. (mechanic replaced battery as a battery test showed it was in poor condition) problem seem to be worse with new battery.
4. generally poor fuel economy (c.30mpg or less)
5. even when running well sounds like there is a hole in the exhaust somtimes (exhaust is okay)

When cutting out all the ancillary electrical systems go haywire (lights dim and go bright, heater cuts in and out, radio turns itself on and off)

Its looking like a basket case and any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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needs hooking up to suitable diags software its no use guessing...

might be summat or nothing but on an N42 engine its usually summat and expensive more often than not...

pray its just an iffy crank or cam sensor or summat..
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