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I bought a 545i today. Excellent car, fbmwsh, drives superbly, 63k miles...but...

after about 15-20 miles I got an ABS, braking and transmission failure with all lights flashing - and a drive moderately warning. The car went onto safe mode and I nursed back to the dealer.

When He tested it all he got was a battery charging fault - he said that a low battery can cause the systems to diagnose transmission/abs problems and that a new battery should remedy.

To be fair when the car is restarted all the warnings are gone and the car drives perfectly, so there is clearly no catastrophic problem with the transmission/brakes/gearbox.

To all you experienced BMW owners out there - does what the dealer said sound right? Can a low battery cause the iDrive system to diagnose major problems that dont exist?

Many thanks in advance, I apologise if this has been covered elsewhere, but I am somewhat worried as you can understand...!
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