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Hi Guys,

I've being having an issue with my SRS/Airbag light coming on and off intermittently on my dash. The fault i've gotten on the OBD II is "70 MRS Seat Occupancy detector".

I searched for a solution and came across an emulator for the seat occupancy bypass. After buying and fitting the emulator the fault just stayed on the dash, I would clear the fault and it would be back in seconds. So I disconnected the emulator and reconnected the seat occupancy sensor and cleared the fault. The light comes back on the dash when the seat is empty but when there is someone sitting in the from seat the light goes out.

Has anybody come across this before or does anyone have a solution to this issue?:confused

Any help would be appreciated:thumbsup

Note: The car has had the airbag module recall done but the issue was there before that recall was completed.
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