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2002 E46 Electrical/Key Fob Gremlins?


Newbie today & a girl, so please be kind ;)

I had my diamond key fob repaired a few weeks ago & has been working fine until yesterday. Suddenly, when engine on, windows open partially, wont go up, and my roof was down and when I parked and removed the key from the ignition, the roof went up of it's own accord. When I use the unlock button it immediately locks again and to top if off, this morning, went into the garage to get an air token, came out and the roof had gone up, put my keys on drivers seat whilst taking off dust caps, and the car just locked itself - good job it decided to leave both front windows down an inch, otherwise the kind gentleman with the long piece of wire wouldn't have been able to help me ...

Has the fob repair caused a problem or do I have to get an auto electrician?

Thanks :)
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