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Had my 330ci remapped by Mike in november,was busy with work so mike came over to the factory(cold,snowy,crappy day, car indoors so Mike was happy)

Unfortunately hadn't as much time to spend with mike as I hoped so had to leave him to it, supplied him with coffee though:)

Initial test drive was in crap conditions but could still feel a difference in the car, felt smoother trundling around in drive and more responsive to the throttle.

It,s been a month or so now and I.m more than happy. Car is definately a better drive all round, throttle response is better,gear changes more urgent and in sport its grin making when given the beans.
I know a remap for the 330 isn't a big gain in power but it certainly feels like it with the improved response.

The only down side I have found is my fuel consumption has dropped from what little I was getting anyway (didn't know a remap affected the weight of your right foot) but its worth it for the grins.
Joking aside if driven conservatively fuel consumption is slightly improved.

So overall I considered it money well spent, I keep finding excuses to drive it and that can't be bad.:):):thumbsup


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Thanks ..

Lots of guys out there think that N/A cars are a waste of time tuning.. this should help them ..

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