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Was making a 40 mile round trip, about 10 miles in, handbrake warning light came on although handbrake was off, and there was no difference in speed or braking. Traction control light came on soon after.

At about 30 miles in, brakes suddenly go really soft. First 2/3 of travel cause no braking activity at all, and the final bit works but not to the same extent as normal.

Pumping the brake when the car is off brings it back to normal give, but as soon as the car is turned on, the brake goes soft again

Does anyone know what this could be?

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You need to get this checked asap

Start with checking the brake fluid level if it's very low check for leaks
It may have air in the system if the brake fluid has not been changed for a long time

Water in the brake fluid will turn to a gas if heated and give you a soft pedal or go to the floor

Or seals in the braking system are worn

Check your brake hoses and metal brake lines for leaks

If the pedal is very soft or goes to the floor don't not drive the car any more

If you can't find any problems get it to someone who can and leave it with them till it's all fixed

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