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Hi All,
I am new to these forums, I've just bought myself a 320D Facelift E46, Love the car and almost everything about it but looking for a little more power/torque.

I've already ordered a decat and EGR Blanking kit but working on a budget at the moment, I am looking to upgrade the injectors, Turbo & Intercooler in the near future and at this stage will go for a real rolling road remap however at the moment i am just looking for the best i can get with what i have.

I'm being quoted daft prices and on a tight'ish budget at the moment however i already have loads of remapping kit, I've read i can use MPPS on this car and already took a copy of my ECU map using this software, I am looking for a generic map to give the car a little more power for the time being on standard components other than the decat/egr blank.

I'm willing to pay for this if needed, a guy on ebay offered me the map file alone for £100 with EGR Delete however this seems a little pricey compared to what ive paid in the past for other vehicles.
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