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Hi everyone, I just bought a bmw 316 I SE (2002) 1796 cc. Im assuming I have the N42 engine based on my wiki search. Now onto the problems my mechanic has diagnosed it with a rocker cover gasket leak. Firstly the price quoted was 55 pound just to buy the gasket is there any places i can get it cheaper. Ive seen them go for 9 quid on ebay just not the ones for the N42 (I have seen them for the N40 and N 45) check ebay item number 370178996920.

He also said that the alternator tensioner was off once again at a cost of 55 pound to get a new one. I think thats a decent price. When i accelerate hard there seems to be a slight sound like 2 belts rubbing against each other. Do you guys think this is the right diagnosis.
So my questions is 2 fold does anyone know where I can get a cheaper gasket for my model engine? B) is the alternator tensioner replacement a solution to the problem presented. Thanks in advance
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