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Hello guys, I'm new on the forum so to begin with I want to say that it's really nice to be here with all of you BMW fanatics :)
I was crazy about these cars since I was a kid but never got one because everyone was saying that they are really expensive to maintain.
That was until now recently when I bought this 316 Ti Compact 2002 Automatic. I knew from the beggining that its gonna eat some oil and fuel but now it got a bit worse. I have oil leaks, its dripping somewhere on a pipe and smoke comes out from the engine obviously.
Now recently I think the radiator snapped, because the water its leaking like crazy on the ground. Sometimes white smoke it's coming from the exhaust so if i'm going to start with the repairs probably the ccv will need changing too.
I'm a little worried about the costs and also about possible issues that might appear on the way.
Do you think I should just get rid of it?! How much can it cost to get it done? I got it quite cheap so I wont be willing to spend a lot of money on it.
Every opinion counts, thanks everyone for taking the time to read this! Cheers.
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