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Hi - Had my bimmer since Sat 14/02/2009. 94000 miles on the clock.
From when I bought the car the airbag light has always been on. the garage said they will pay for this to be reset or sorted, and i drove it with no problems for 4 days - but from then.....
Car keeps cutting out whilst driving along. The battery light comes on with the ASC light and the brake warning light in yellow.
When trying to restart the car these same lights stay on, the engine turns over but will not fire.
To gain a restart I get out of the car and lock it. Leave it a while then unlock and restart. Sometimes the ASC and brake warning light in yellow stay on - sometimes all go out.
The frequency is increasing and the time needed to gain a restart is also increasing.
I took it to a Nationwide Autocentre to have it diagnosed.
They said there were no fault codes in the ECU and could not get it to fail.
Yet it keeps happening! Other things I have noticed are the auto climate control cannot be turned off and the same for the rear fog lights the one time when it broke down of an evening.
Don't know if they are related - does anyone have any ideas?

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Hi Cuttllemill, I would recommend you have a diagnostic done at an Independent BMW Specialist:thumbsup

Independent specialists will know a lot about a specific make of car whereas the likes of non specialist centres will only know a little about many makes a models:thumbsup
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