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Hello All,

I'm having a few problems with my car and was wondering if anyone could help?

I'm obviously going to have the car looked at :hihi, but I was wondering if anyone could give me a heads up on what it might be before I take it to a mechanic (anyone recommend a good garage in North London?).

Other than these little niggles, the car drives perfectly despite it's 110k miles.

1) I've only had this car for about 6 weeks. From when I bought it there was something steaming up from under the bonnet when the car gets warm (Top left corner if you're standing in front looking into the engine bay). I usually start to see it after driving for about 15/20 mins when the car is stationary (traffic lights etc.) Temp guage reads normal.

2) A few weeks ago I noticed the coolant warning light was on so I topped it up with water and it has been coming on and off intermittently every (more on than off)

3) Just today, I noticed that although all other aspects of the heating/climate control system seem to work, it car does not blow warm/hot air (engin warm, temp gauge normal). The air blowing out is not as cold as outside air, but its definatly not warm either. Since the heating stopped working (this morning) I have not noticed any of the steaming mentioned above :confused.

Also, Today the windscreen washer reservoir light came on (even though the tank is half full).

I've been reading that the coolant light being on can be related to the heating not working in some cases... Does anyone know what might be wrong?

Many thanks! :)

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The steam would indicate to me that you have a water leak (Hot water + cold air = steam) Have you tried looking for leaks yet?

This would also give a good explanation as to why you had to top up your coolant level.

Check these hoses first

and these

You will also need to bleed the system once finding and rectifying the leak

Here is the best and only method to use (BMW's are notorious for suffering with bleeding air from the system)

1.Jack the front of the vehicle up onto stands as high as possible,
2.Turn the ignition on,engine off,heater on fan setting 1 and temperature fully hot,
3.Remove the rad cap/expansion cap,remove the bleed screw from the rad and IF you have them the bleed screw(s) from the thermostat housing/top hose, return pipe or EGR thermostat.
4.Fill the radiator up and keep pouring till there are no more air bubbles coming out from the bleeds, when good then install bleeds and tighten down(don't snap them),ensure the rubber O-rings/seals are still on the screws/on the bleed holes.
5.Suck some water out so it's not full to the brim, replace the cap and then start the car. Run her up and check for heat from the vents when warm and check if over heating still persists.
6.If good then check the water level again in the morning when cool.

Please be sure to post your progress:thumbsup
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