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Thought i would give people a heads up. my gear change had got a bit sloppy, so i wanted to change the bush on the gear stick. i thought while i had it apart i might as well buy a short shifter. instead of buying one of the recommended ones, i thought i would save myself 20 quid and buy an ebay one(22.99).

all went ok until i was trying to get the selector arm back through the bottom of the shifter. i just couldn't get it to slot in. after alot of faffin, thinking it was just very fiddly i decided to give up and take it back out. upon inspection against the old one i realized the hole in the bottom was 9mm instead of 10mm... so drilled it out and tried again, all went in first time..

i also noticed the bmw one was 2 parts, with a rubber bit joining them, which im guessing is there as a damper for vibration, as my new one which is solid makes the gear knob rattle rather loudly!!

on the upside the change feels nice and slick and positive. hopefully i can now find away of silencing the rattle.

moral of the story? don't by cheap crap of ebay!
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