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I recently had my BMW remapped by Mike and his colleague down near Northampton and feel obliged to post my findings. I have waited nearly a week to give an accurate assessment and not a knee jerk reaction.

I travelled best part of a 500 mile round trip to get the remap done and spent many hours researching various places to find the right guy to do the job and Im pleased to report I definately made the right choice.

Mike was very approachable and helpful, full of knowledge and answered all of my questions. I felt very confident he knew what he was doing with the car.

Diagnostics were carried out after initial info. re. car given and then onto the remapping. I spent about an hour in the workshop whilst the work was done before going out for a test drive.

My car has 145k on the clock, is manual, with a decat pipe fitted, no other performance mods. I went for the active map which I was assured would increase power by around 20% (184 to 210-215, torque in a similar fashion) and also give no reduction in fuel economy, perhaps even a small increase.

En route I had mapped out a 50 mile stretch of flat road to do an eco run pre and post map. Pre map I clocked 51mpg, post map was 53mpg. Same speeds on both tests, conditions the same, etc. I was very happy with this as my only hope for for a not to severe reduction (although im sure when on full acceleration the increased performance will affect mpg accordingly which is not a problem).

The drive back:

The car drives much better than before. The turbo spins up almost instantly (decat pipe has helped) and gives a much stronger surge and the pull lasts longer than before. This is probably due to the increase in bhp and torque which is very very noticable. Acceleration is much sharper than before and the pick up without dropping gears is more urgent. 70mpg in 5th, foot down and it puck up and pulls hard once the turbo has spun up and just cruises up to and passed 100 in no time. Minor flat spots seem to have been eliminated and overall the car is a better drive with a nice added punch of power. Even at previous top speeds of 135 when it was running out of puff, the remap has enabled it to touch 140 still pulling strong.

I know this might sound cliche but this is how I expected the BMW to be when I test drove it and how it should drive.

Overall I am very happy with the service given by Mike and my car has certainly reaped the benefits of expert knowledge and attention. I believe the cost of the remap is very competitive and money well spent. The 8 hour round trip and costs incurred were well worth it, especially for the drive home!

One very happy customer here, recommended highly.

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