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As stated in the introductions page, I recently bought a knackered 164K 2001 reg 330CI. Then after changing the oil and fitting a new air filter I drove it to the Nurburgring and did 12 laps and drove it back to Aberdeen.

Now the rear shocks are leaking oil, the discs are warps (front and back) and an engine mount it knocking big time.

I have joined this forum to hopefully get advise to make it more ready for a Knockhill track day in September and back to the ring next year!

So far, my plan is to drop the sub frame, add the strengthen kit (weld or glue type, not sure), Poly Bush it (any recommendations?) Fit H&R suspension (as below, want to keep it comfortable for long journeys, but will to listen to any other suggestions) and ECB Disc and green stuff pads, Remove the back seats and fit a bolt in half cage.

Any other suggestions, I felt the brakes were good, so maybe the standard set up with better pads and disc will be adequate? As it will be my weekend car, it still have to be comfortable for me and the missus to drive to Germany and back from the north of Scotland.

H&R Suspension^Cabriolet_3.0_2001/p/performance-cars-styling/performance-suspension/performance-styling-parts/performance-suspension-kit/?982110331&1&aa9c891cdbe6e382a1a1bcd32e3942b605d0d347&000982


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