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I just bought a used approved BMW 325 M sport coupe last October. She's a fantastic car and almost everything has been fine so far. However, its been getting hot recently and so I've started setting the automatic climate control system to its lowest temperature (16 degrees) to try and keep cool.

I assumed when I bought the car that it has air conditioning. Looking through the owner's manual I can see that it appears to have automatic climate control and also has a button with the air-con 'snowflake' symbol (see attached picture).

However, the air blowing out of the vents appears to be warm at all times. I've tried adjusting the vents to the maximum cold setting, but it only blows cold in the morning when the outside air temperature is well under 16 degrees. Once its hot outside the fan increases to maximum but blows in hot air.

The car is still under BMW used approved warranty and has recently had its type 2 inspection at my local dealer. Before I book the car in to be looked at I just wanted to check here that it does have air con and that I'm not doing something stupid to stop it working.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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