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Right - I've posted a few times on this, so thanks to those who've helped to date (Ronnie in particular).

Original diagnostic check showed the fault as a fuel rail pressure problem and it only occurred in the cold weather - it would often take me 20 mins to get it to start by turning the ignition repeatedly until the pressure built up enough to start the engine. Guessed it was losing pressure overnight when sat cold, once running however it would perform perfectly.

Garage changed the small (fuel tank) pump but that didn't work, then they tried the "rail pressure regulator" or something similar and it seems to have sorted the problem. Does this sound right to anyone? I get the impression it's a pressure regulator valve, is this right? Anyway it was very cold this morning but the car started first time so it appears to be resolved but they're charging me best part of £250 for part and labour!

Can someone verify that what they have changed could've caused the fault in the first place and will have solved the problem now? Is the cost about right?

Cheers for your help in advance.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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