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Evening all.

Picked up a little E46 Touring a few weeks ago for a bargain price. Its a 2001, 318i SE Auto, with only 70,000 miles on the clock.

Its basically a bit of a project, but will be used daily.

Ive been experiencing a few weird things regarding the electrics.

So far the following things have happened intermittently .

Outside temp reads anything between -2.5 and -12 degrees
Main beam indicator stays illuminated after main beam cancelled
Turn signals stay flashing on dash, after indicators cancelled
AC doesn't work, but no leaks
When heater fan starts it revs up, not at a constant speed
Rear electric windows don't work
Headlamp adjuster in car works occasionally
Yellow oil lamp comes on occasionally, but the oil level is spot on
Red oil lamp comes on occasionally, but only when ticking over
ABS light came on once, and stayed on. Turned off ignition, turned back on and its not happened since.
And the rear parking sensors dont work either. When putting into reverse it emits a beeeeep for a few seconds then nothing. UPDATE- All 4 sensors are clicking when I put my ear to them.

The car also has installed one of the BMW/Alpine Sat nav/audio/tv units. It may have been retro fitted, as when I took it out the big black plug is missing where its been cut, and the the wires are connected to a blue plug and a white plug that plug into 2 different places on the unit. In the boot is a CD changer, GPS unit and TV tuner. The screen on the unit worked as and when it felt like it.

Just would like a bit of guidance really. Is it one thing only causing these issues? Ive done a bit of research and theres a module that everything plugs into and if that faults then you get issues.

Im fitting an Android unit in place of the BMW unit so I'll be removing the CD multichanger and GPS unit.

Cheers in advance for any help
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