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My E39 has the basic stereo setup (Business system is it?) and therefore does not have a factory amp etc.

Yesterday i decided to fit an aftermarket amp into the boot so that i could get a bit more out of it.

I traced all of the wires by taking the back seat out etc and wired it all up and powered the rear speakers from the amp...all was working fine.

then i had a bright idea to try out a sub with a built in amp the i had lying around so i removed the speaker wires from the amp and wired them into this sub and amp, suddenly all audio stopped working!! even the front speakers that were not even connected to any amp?? i've put everything back how it was but it still isnt working?

At 1st i though it must be a fuse but i've checked the one behind the battery and the one at the back of the head unit...both ok.

also the other thing that is confusing me is that the controls on the head unit all seem to work and the CD changer is changing etc...but nothing is coming through any speakers???

can anyone shead any light on what this could possibly be?? please tell me i havent caused any major dammage.

thanks for your help in advance folks!

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