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Hello Guys & Gals.

Hello to you all. I'm new to this forum, and a couple of others, but you will see me with the same iD on all of them, so please forgive me if you see repetitions of my questions.

Anyway, I have a problem and hope you can please please please help me with it.

I have a 2001 M5 E39 with the later CELIS (Angel Eye) headlights already fitted complete with HID ballasts on the back etc.

The problem is that the insides of the headlight lenses have become stained with condensation over time.

I have noticed people both on this forum and others suggesting replacement with after market versions, with claims that some are good and some are bad, but the trouble is that unless one goes to the huge expense of replacing like for like, ie. with the Hela versions with is what the originals actuaklly are, none of those cheap or even expensive after market ones come with the automatic headlamp height adjustment system, and as far as I am aware, if you have HID lights, it's illeagle to not have the automatic system. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do have a responsibility to not dazzle on coming drivrs at night. Also, a point for concern, especially for those of us with pre-existing original DS1 (DS something) HID bulbs, most of the after market versions use different types of bulbs, usually H1. So before you buy, you should check which bulb type th replacement takes.......Anyway, that's not an option for me because I want to keep my car original and not mess about with after market parts and certainly do not want to go and pay for original ones. One mortgage is enough for me thank you much!

So, I thought that perhaps I could remove the lenses and clean them properly inside, put them back together and hey presto! nice clean lights again. I found a method for th pre-CELOS lights, with should be the same as CELOS here -

Fair enough, it all sounds quite straight forward, with a big BUT!

When it gets to the bit that says "10. Carefully separate the two halves." there is no mention of the fact that there is a load of black gummy gooo stuff that seals the 2 halves together, making it virtually impossible to seperate them.

So, does anyone have any ideas?

A friend of mine actually advised me to put the whole headlight in the oven for bit on low heat to soften the gooo. I'm a bit worried about this suggestion. What do you guys think?

Hope to hear back soon.

All the best.

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alot of peopel put the e46 facelift coupe lights in the oven to seperate them to fit angel eyes also on the vauxhall astras they do the saem sure if you do a serach then you will find the temp and time to put them in for
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