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hey instead of posting several posts i'll just merge my questions into one lol.

Car: E46 2000 Model 330d. 102k Miles

1. Gearbox not as smooth as it once was?
I havent been grinding them at all but it's a bit more rough going into 2nd than it was a couple of months ago when i bought it. I havent been caining it or anything, is it anything to do with the clutch (cus if it is i'll cry) or is it something like replacing the gear box oil?
- PS Don't get me wrong it's nothing serious i was just wondering, it's not affecting anything at all it's not difficult to put into gear or owt.

2. Motorised Headlights?
One of my motorised lights brackets has broke off and it'll cost me about £260+ to replace, are standard headlights easy to setup or is it a bad idea to replace the motorised ones (I dont want the water jets). Plus I wouldn't mind getting some nice Angel Eye lights.

3. Headlight Waterjets?
One of my water jet parts has been stolen (FFS) and it'll be £55 to replace, is it possible to just cus off the supply to them and put in standard headlight brows (which i much prefer the look of)

thanks for your time guys.

Take care.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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