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My second thread and last for the day, i promise lol.

What chips are availible for the E46 318i SE 2000 model (1.9 118bhp)

I know of two companies.

Superchips +8bhp
Evolution chips +13bhp.

Any others? Which one is the best? out of the two i listed assuming evolution as it's more bhp but what are their maps like?

And also, main reason for thinking about a chip is for better fuel economy but both superchips and evolution list their bhp gains but no mention of fuel economy. I doubt you will really notice 13bhp so if it is just for the bhp gain it is not worth me doing but if i was to get better mpg then i would be more tempted but what are the mpg gains?

Better say, i am not having a winge about how heavy the car is on fuel. If i can get better mpg then it is worth a look.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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