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Hi guys

was wondering if i can pick your brains

i have a 200 318i e46 saloon

i have a carsoft code of 165 which i have been told means CAT is bad

i have gone to kwik fit to change the CAT which at first they put there own brand in

shortly after that the light came back on so they replaced with a CAT from Euro carparts

light came back on and said it could be 02 sensors

i changed the post cat sensor light came back on so they got a new CAT from gsf reset the light and after 40 miles light came back on i changed the pre CAT sensor and reset the light and again it came back on

CAT has been changed three times and the same error comes back

i dont really want to buy a dealer cat as it cost over £900 for a new CAT

is there any other way of sorting this out apart from what i have already done

Sensors installed where Bosch ones good quality and brand new.

your help in this would really help me out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts