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We've got two of these cars in the family, and at one point the other car had an iPod connected Stereo with a similar cable sitting in the glovebox that could be controlled from the head unit.

I've just found a similar - albeit shorter - cable in my own glovebox.

Was this a feature in some of these older E46's, or do you think that has been retrofitted in?

I've got an old iPod Classic that would be perfect to load up with all my tunes and leave sitting in the glovebox, and I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about a new stereo where I could plug that right into.

I'm looking to change my stereo out, as the one I have is an Alpine model with only radio and CD options. I'm ideally looking at stereo's with bluetooth connectivity for answering the phone, as well as playing music from my phone, but something that I can also plug this cable into would be a bonus, rather than just trying to rip it out when I do eventually get a different unit.
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