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I'm about to swap out my manual driver seat for a manual driver seat that has electric lumbar control. I've checked under the seat and carpets and there are no cables or connectors ready to receive the wiring from the seat just the two wires for the seat belt actuator (air bag control?) that runs to the accelerator side of the footwell.

I'm going to get an auto-electrician take a look so that he can run a 12 volt feed to it. Thing is, I would like to know a little more about what has to be connected where on the seat itself to avoid getting ripped off by the sparky.

Here are some pictures - the seat also has a heated seat element. I could either leave this disconnected or install a switch under the seat - I won't go to the trouble of wiring through to the centre console and getting the different face plate that has the heating control. Is the heating just on/off or does it have different settings?

Finally, I guess the rest of the wiring is for the seat belt actuator?

View attachment 3289

View attachment 3290

View attachment 3291

View attachment 3292

View attachment 3293

I can happily take any other pictures that might be needed to get to the answer if someone who knows about this stuff wants to tell me what they need to see....

Any advice gratefully received!


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If you really want to get technical then look here using Internet Explorer as your web browser

You will need Adobe SVG and Java down loaded to your computer for it to work.

Also could you remember to add the vehicle details in the thread title next time as per forum rules please, they have been done for you this time. It makes it far easier for people looking up help for their own problems or conversions.
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