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Morning all - I've just joined the forum (looks fantastic!) and been reading various threads as I've got a problem with my e46 318i touring (2000 model). Various people reporting simiar issues but I think my symptoms are different hence I thought I'd kick a new thread off to see if anyone can help me out.

Had the keys checked and active and spare both fine, they won't re-programme to the car. The keys are totally dead, nothing works from them remotely. The central locking operates fine if I stick the key in the door and the button inside the car also works fine.....

I went to a indy specilaistand annoyingly they broke the connection from the rear screen which goes into a box in the spoiler to receive the signal from the key. I was well annoyed after already dismantling everything myself to work it pout before i checked it in, there was nowt wrong with the connection but I had to walk away with a broken part. I then went to BMW after soldering some wires back on the connectors between screen and box in spoiler myself but was told they'll need to swap the rear screen to the tune of £600 before being willing to troubleshoot any further :-(

I'm not sure what to do next. Is it likely to be the white module in the glove box or could it be something else in between? I was in formed by my local bmw dealier that the box in the spoiler also acts as an AM receiver. Could that be faulty rather than the module?

Also, I actually also own a 320D (2002 model). Although it's not a touring,I'm assuming the same parts will exist. Presumably the module is in the glove box but not sure where to find the AM receiver. Is it worth me swapping a few parts over to try and identify root cause?

Any help appreicated as this fault is doing my head in!

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