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Car is a 2008 E91 320D Manual.

The 20 amp fuse keeps blowing at random in the EBOX Fuse BOX (The fuse is the second on down right above a 30amp fuse).

When the fuse blows the EML light comes on but has no effect on the cars performance,it can blow straight away or take a few days.

Once the fuse blows we get the following codes

4BA1 , 4206 , 41D1 , 485B , 4B37 , 4A79 , 4207 , 485C , 4BC1 , 4BB6 , 4BC6 , 41E2 , 4A74 , 4A79 , 4207 , 485C

Codes clear as soon as a new fuse is fitted and we have tried driving with EGR disconnected in case that was sticking and shorting.

Anyone got any ideas as we are at a loss on where to start.
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