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Hi all

I have no rejoined the Bmw world with a 1999 E46 328se in black. The car is very clean and tidy with 119000 on the clock.

I have had her a week and have noticed:

Intermittent hesitation / missfire which from reading the forums is most likely a coil I believe, could it be anything else such as the MAF? I am going back to the garage I got it from on Saturday to be plugged in. Will the code reader clear up this issue or are there other things i can do to confirm? If its the coils (or a coil) can I mix bosch and beru? So if mine are all the originals can I put a bosch in and start a slow upgrade?

Coolant use. I am getting through nearly an expansion tank full every 70 odd miles, the temp stays bang on and I can see no sign of leaks dripping down anywhere. There is no gunk anywhere and the oil level is constant. It has been raining which makes it hard to see but are there any other places I need to check? I have been trying to look at the base of the radiator, the sides of the expansion tank and under the water pump and cant really see anything!!

The water pump is quiet - but I want to change it out to be on the safe side!! Is the metal impeller one listed on GSF for £40 ok to use?

Many tanks!!


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I managed to have a look just after the engine was running and finally found it... the water is dripping at a good rate (well fast, its not good!) from what appears to be the expansion tank.

My question is, is it worth the extra cash for this:

Is it actually any different?!

Also could someone please tell me if the misfire will log a code even the though no warning lights come on?!



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I would use a genuine BMW expansion tank. The aftermarket ones aren't that good and might not even last the warranty period.
If it's not had a new radiator yet, it will be due a new one. You should really change the water pump as well - a bit of a kick in the nuts after you've just bought it, but 150-200 quids worth of bits now will save you a lot more in the long run. Change the drive belt and also replace or regrease any rollers that sound a bit dry.
Use a Nissens/Behr rad as some of the cheaper ones drip coolant from the hose connectors.

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Yep use a bm tank not much more irrc, mine went pop at 100k miles the day after i bought the car doh!. Cost me around £80 all in.

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Good advice! The ECP basic one is 51 plus vat and from BMW it is 58 all in so I am picking that on Saturday before heading to the dealership. They are paying for the part but to speed up the repair I am collecting the part.

They are also looking at the misfire on the kit and the failed washer jet. So hopefully all will be well next week.

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you say misfire?

Are you having trouble starting ever/stalling? could be camshaft sensor as pretty common.

These run on chains so no cam belt will need replacing.

If your running a bit "skint" pop down breakers replacement parts are peanuts if not a BMW specialist and while offer no guarantee have always helped me out in a tough spot!

use to find codes and parts for your car, then search that part on their site and see what other cars used it a nice easy way to open your breaker yard search from a specific model to a broad range..

Heck some stuff in breakers are brand new, just because your car has new spark plugs doesn't mean you won't smash it up tomorrow!

For the plugs, these were stock:

08 Spark plug, High Power BOSCH FGR7DQP 6 12120141871 ENDED
08 Spark plug, High Power 6 12120037607
08 Spark plug, High Power NGK BKR6EQUP 6 12129071003 ENDED
08 Spark plug, High Power 6 12120037607

Part codes are the 121 numbers,..

example the replacement spark plug was found on all these models:

E31: Details on E31
E31 850Ci Coupé, Europe
E31 840Ci Coupé, Europe
E31 840i Coupé, Europe

E32: Details on E32
E32 750i Saloon, Europe
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E32 730i Saloon, Europe
E32 730iL Saloon, Europe
E32 740i Saloon, Europe
E32 740iL Saloon, Europe

E34: Details on E34
E34 518i Touring, Europe
E34 518i Saloon, Europe
E34 518g Touring, Europe
E34 530i Saloon, Europe
E34 530i Touring, Europe
E34 540i Touring, Europe
E34 540i Saloon, Europe
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E34 525i Touring, Europe
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E46 318ti Compact, Europe

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Z3 Z3 3.0i Coupé, Europe

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It is an intermittent misfire, most of the time it is smooth as silk. An yes I have stalled twice when going to reverse when suddenly the car has decided that more revs are needed and also once when pulling out of a petrol station.

My assumption was a coil pack on the way. Would the ECU log the issue correctly so that if it is a coil or sensor it will show the difference? No warning lights are coming on.

Many thanks for the useful info! Funds are tight at the moment as I haven't sold my other toys yet :s

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An yes I have stalled twice when going to reverse when suddenly the car has decided that more revs are needed and also once when pulling out of a petrol station.
Idle control valve, a vacuum leak - or both. Read the codes first, but if either of these things are knackered, they won't show codes.

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Have a look roundd the engine bay for air leaks. the intake trunk is prone to breaking and theres a pipe on the top of the inlet manifold that also splits, sucking in air. this confuses the readings and it goes all silly. :)
If it did it when it was warm and not cold, then i'd say cam sensor.

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Well the expansion tank was switched out fine, the washer motor had jammed up so a new one is on the way.

It was an indy garage with a SnapOn diagnostic kit. The car has not put on a warning light and his kit was unable to find any fault codes on the car.

THe car drove home like a dream...

However the night before it was a pig to drive as it would try to stall when pulling away - more revs got it moving and was not smooth.

It idles ok so does that rule out an air leak. I couldnt hear any thing hissing with the bonnet up.

Would a dodge cam position sensor flash a code? Really want to get it all running properly!!

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Would a dodge cam position sensor flash a code?
Yes it would.

A vacuum leak is still your best bet OR the idle control valve. When the car is idling, without load on the engine, it can be really hard to detect. Even spraying carb cleaner on the pipework so see if the engine note changes won't always find leaks & splits.

I did a guide a while back on finding vacuum leaks, it's in the "how to" section.


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looked up CDV and that explains the occasional annoyance I experience so it will come out.

As to the other issue I drove home tonight and the car was perfect. I then stopped for 4 minutes to run into a shop and when I came out the car was hesitant again and trying to manoverue up my lane into a space it just kept stalling.

Still no error codes coming up.

A MAF clean is on the cards next I think!

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I am trying to work out what MAF should fit my car, as from reading the forums I see its a Bosch part.

Does anyone know of a website that will reliably take a BMW part number and give me the Bosch one?!

Many thanks

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I don't know if its just me BUT the problem seems to occur when I restart the engine and it is already hot.

Does this help in working out which bit has failed??!

Any advice would be great!

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I don't know if its just me BUT the problem seems to occur when I restart the engine and it is already hot.

Does this help in working out which bit has failed??!

Any advice would be great!
Crankshaft position sensor!!! It's the only thing that tells the ECU how quickly the engine is spinning, and if it's shot, the ECU hasn't got a clue where the engine timing is/should be, so it will misfire/run rough (if at all). They're bad when hot, fine when cold.

Link to part:

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