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Hi im New to this site and new to BMW i have come from a long history of Mitsubishi evolutions and i have to say i am so far very impressed with my car but i do have a couple of problems with my car and if any one could shed any light on them for me i would appreciate it right first of all.

When i start the car from cold the revs drop the car nearly stalls but then picks its self back up again any ideas.

also only now and again the car takes a wile to start up.

I also have a slight noise from the rear of the car.

i know not good but the car has done 96,000 mils full service history been a bit of a night mare so far i got a good deal on her as it needs some paint work sorting out but now i have found the above faults please help. :thumbsup

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I have moved this to the correct forum and made the title more useful!

I would say the first thing you need to do is to get the fault codes read from the car. See the link below on how and cost etc

It could be a number of things but my guess is thatthe crankcase breather pipe is corroded allowing addiitonal unmetered air to be drawn into the system.

I have attached an image showing the parts you need to replace.

I would put money on it that this will cure the running problems...
and if it doesnt its a cheap preventative measure as its a known problem on 1998-2001 E46s
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