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I have the dual-zone climate control on my E36, and this is generally fine, had an issue a while ago with it turning off and on again but it was repaired.

Now, the climate control is on and lets me set the speed, temperatures etc no problem, however if I don't think the heater blowers are blowing much out.

If I put the speed up, or set it to quick demist, I don't hear anything. I can feel a little bit of warmth coming out of the heaters but its very faint and it doesn't change if I put the heaters up to max speed.

I changed the heater blower fuse thinking it may be this, and the issue seemed sorted as the blowers instantly starting blowing air full pelt again.

However a day later and they've stopped again, and I'm guessing the new fuse has gone.

I'm led to believe (thanks to Chasman for reminding me this) that it could be the Final Stage Resistor?

Cheers in advance.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts